.....David Marston

Having qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 1976 at the tender age of 22, my early career took shape in a number of small to medium Chartered Accountancy firms, at which I held senior roles. Within just three years of qualification I was offered partnership with my then-current firm but, unsure of what I wanted from my career, I declined in favour of a year living and working overseas. In 1981, with my year out behind me, I resumed working in my previous role and also began to pick up small amounts of additional work through family contacts and friends. From there further clients flowed in through recommendations and, although I was again offered partnership in 1984, by that stage I was certain I wanted to be my own boss. In 1986, I finally made the break.

The next few years saw the practice continue to grow steadily, to the point where in 2003 I was employing 4 people. Realising however that I was spending more time managing people than working for my clients, I decided a change of direction was needed! Hence, since 2004, I have worked without any staff, allowing me to focus much more on client’s needs and ensure that I deliver a very personal service. I believe it is this personal element above all else that enables me to keep my clients happy and retain them over long periods, in many cases for well over 20 years.

I do not advertise or market my practice. Most my new clients are derived from recommendations from existing clients or other contacts. This way, there is already an element of trust and confidence which gives our working relationship a headstart.  

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